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Why is Freelancing important for me?

Okay, I won’t waste your time by saying what Freelancing is because for that we’ve our very own Google Baba. Umm, yeah! neither I’m gonna tell you the importance of Freelancing. I’ll straight away share with you my experience with Freelancing or why Freelancing is important for me.

Since, Childhood, I was not a very focused Student neither I was interested in books. I used to spend my whole time with different Gadgets, playing games on Mobile Phone. I was actually very much fond of Technologies. Ok, did I say “I WAS”? No- no! I’m, I STILL AM.

From playing with Mobile Phones and doing just Paint on my Computer to Designing, my Freelancing journey started. I make people dance with my Designing. I’m truly thankful to my Parents for all the support but, I’m highly thankful to Myself, because what I’m today is because of my hardworking and focusing on my work. I didn’t join any Coaching Classes for learning this Freelancing. I learnt it all by myself, I used to spend day and night watching videos and improving my skills on it. So basically, Freelancing is my day one Passion and it is aptly said my Oprah Winfrey and I’ll quote, “Passion is Energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

I owe my everything to Freelancing because it was out of mind that one day I’ll be hired by the Top Notch Companies in India and Abroad. This Covid Pandemic actually gave me a chance to work harder and to stay focused on my Passion. Yes, why I mentioned Covid-19 (important here) because I believe, whatever comes, comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages and for me it was not less than an advantage.

Well, well! My Journey will continue and I’ll keep sharing with you everything beneficial related to it but right now not to forget these three BIG names

Gigzoe -Formerly Wiz Counsel (India);

KTP Exports Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Petrozo Energy (UAE)

I’m highly obliged and thankful to the above mentioned Companies and I hope I’ll be working hard and impressing you with my work everyday!