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Questions I get the most.

Hi, I'm Rubaitul Azad 😎

Get answers to the questions I get the most.
Frequently asked about my professional journey.

A self-trained guy born and raised in the world’s largest Militarized Zone, was always passionate about creating beautiful and memorable designs and user experience. I love to convert an imaginative idea into reality. I design and build products for Startups, Enterprises, Healthcare companies, Mobility, Retails, Logistics, Education and Automotive.

Oh, absolutely! I'm so based in Kashmir that I'm practically made of saffron strands and shikaras! My coding skills are infused with the serene beauty of Dal Lake, and I run on the power of piping hot kahwa. So, yes, my friend, I'm proudly rooted in the heavenly abode of Kashmir!

Well, if we're talking about formal qualifications, I may not have any fancy degrees hanging on my wall, but I've got a black belt in self-training! I'm a dropout extraordinaire, a maverick of knowledge, and a certified expert in DIY education. Forget those traditional qualifications; I've got the skills that come from late-night Wikipedia binges, YouTube tutorial, and a dash of pure imagination.

No, I'm actually married to work. We have a pretty committed relationship. Work keeps me up all night and demands all my attention. It's a passionate love affair filled with deadlines and spreadsheets. So, technically, you could say I'm taken... by my love for Work!

Ah, my monthly earnings is so top-secret that even the CIA would be jealous hahaha.? Well, let's just say I'm paid in laughter and good vibes. It's an extremely high-value currency, you know!

Oh, you won't believe it! I've worked with more brands than a superhero has capes! I've teamed up with over 300+ amazing brands from all around the world. It's been quite a whirlwind adventure! And hey, I'm not just blowing my own trumpet here, but I've even been featured in fancy outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Yahoo, NDTV, News 18, and the list goes on and on...over 1000 outlets! It's been a wild ride, my friend.

Yes, I have been teaching students everything I do, and I have already trained over 100+ students who are currently earning a sufficient income online. As part of my company, We have developed a product called Progress Plus, which offers industry-ready training to students. This product is scheduled to be launched prior to 2024.

My mission? Well, imagine this: I'm like a superhero with a Kashmiri twist, on a mission to kick-start the gig economy in Kashmir and create a unicorn brand that'll make everyone go, "Whoa, that's some serious magic happening in the Valley!" So, buckle up, because I'm here to bring some serious hustle and unicorn dust to Kashmir!

Well, imagine a mix of an entrepreneurial superhero and a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. That's basically my inspiration story! My Grandfather was like a business wizard, teaching me the tricks of the trade with his magical wisdom. And then there's Anonymous, my enigmatic muse, whispering secrets of success into my ear. So, yeah, my inspiration is a fantastic blend of grandeur and secrecy!

I have no affiliation with any particular organization, especially any educational technology entity that exploits my name for their own personal gains.

I am a global ambassador for my personal brand,

and in India, I serve as the founder of Gigfolioo Technologies Private Limited. Additionally, I am responsible for the creation and development of Progress Plus, a product offered by my company.

Oh, I provide a little bit of everything! From solving world hunger to teaching penguins how to dance, my services cover the whole spectrum of awesomeness. It's like a magical buffet of possibilities! But trust me, trying to list them all here would make your scroll finger go numb. So, do yourself a favor and click on the link below to embark on a journey of service-filled wonderland. Enjoy the ride!

What I Do

I'm available all the time. No matter the time or day, I'm here to help. Whether you need help with a project or a task, I'm here to provide the quality service you're looking for. All you need to do is send me a message and I'll be sure to respond quickly. With my expertise, I'm able to provide advice, guidance and assistance to help you meet your goals. So don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'm just a message away and always happy to help.

Well, we accept all forms of payment: cash, credit cards, checks (as long as they're not from Monopoly), your first-born child (just kidding, I don't have a child policy), and even those ancient relics called "coins." Just please, no Bitcoin. I'm still waiting for our pet hamster to set up my crypto wallet.

Well, my pricing is like a box of chocolates. It varies depending on what you're looking for! Just like Forrest Gump said, "You never know what you're gonna get." So, let's discuss your specific requirements, and we'll figure out a price that'll make both of us smile.