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Who Am I

I spent the last 10 years of my life building my personal brand, and helping businesses around the world to take their business to the next level.

From the Militarized Zone
to the Digital World

A self-trained guy born and raised in the world’s largest Militarized Zone, was always passionate about creating beautiful and memorable design’s and user experience. I love to convert an imaginative idea into reality. I design and build products for Startups, Enterprises, Healthcare companies, Mobility, Retails, Logistics, Education and Automotive.

#YEAR 2012

My Carrer Journey.

Let’s Get Into The Time Machine And Travel To 2012.

Beginning of my developer and designing career. As I told you people, I’m the laziest person ever when it comes to studying. I love designing since I was a small kid. I’m just passionately mad about designing and coding. Yep guys, I know I’m being overboard here but that’s how it is. I used to watch online video lectures about coding and I still am because every day new things come up and we all should be ready for the improvements.

I won’t say that studying is bad but what my point is and always will be is that “Listen to your heart and mind together” and make decisions wisely, because at the end what matters is how happy and content, you’re with yourself and with your work. I believe that the enjoyment and madness for work must reflect on our faces!

#YEAR 2013 to 2014

Okay, Let's Get Into Year 2014.

The Time When I Started Freelancing.

My journey as freelancer was not something that I’ve ever thought about. Yes, I was into designing and coding but I never thought it’ll come out so beautifully. I worked on rasolutions most of the time which later became

Learning programming, designing and coding was a mixed feeling for me- at times I used to stress myself out, at times it was kind of fun but overall it was worth learning!

My first client as a freelancer was a friend of mine. We met on december 9, 2014 and at that point of time she was so confused about the website for her tour and travels agency namely Miftaah Groups. Her problem was of course resolved by me and for me it was really the biggest beginning of my career.

#YEAR 2015 to 2016

Then Came Year 2016.

Worked With 12+ Brands.

Learning and growing phase still continued, after almost 4 years of professional working experience. I started my Journey as a Full-time Freelancer. It was really a challenging task for me, I had gone through ups and down in my Professional Career but the fire of passion is still ignited in me and I successfully worked with few renowned Brands from Kashmir Valley.

My Freelancing Journey has been a roller coaster, sprinkled with lots of surprises, few tablespoons of difficulties, and a bowl full of success with a good dose of anxiety and a huge learning curve. These were actually the ingredients that helped me to make my perfect dish- FREELANCING.

#YEAR 2017

Got An Opportunity

To Work With IT Company Based In Srinagar.

I started working as a Senior UX/UI , Web and WordPress Developer at IT company based in Srinagar Kashmir , it was indeed a very good working experience which is still going on because I’m still a part of that company. People, here are very friendly and the work atmosphere is good too. Initially, I worked as a Freelancer on different projects in this company. All I can say is that, I’ve grown into the best version of myself.

#YEAR 2018 TO 2019

I Made Some Waves

I Was Happy To See Myself Growing And Glowing, Lol, Yes Glowing.

Success should reflect on your face, so yep I was glowing too. I planned to build up a Portfolio of nearly twenty to thirty projects. I felt really good about how my work was going on. I used to design Websites and Apps for different clients. And now I was having my own client pool.

I’m a firm believer that if you love something, no one can ever stop you from doing anything. For me, true essence of success comes from giving more than clients expectations. It means keeping an eye on all the minute details within the design and creating something wonderful and that wonderful should make sense for both the designers and the clients.

Okay, guys! did I share with you all that ending year of 2019 is a big success for me, a very well known and reputable Company namely Gigzoe (formerly- Wiz Counsel) hired me and I made their official blog. It really is a remarkable success for me to get hired by the most reputable company in India. I’m glad that they chose me!

#YEAR 2020

Worked With 300+ Clients

I worked with 300 plus clients around the globe.

In 2020, I worked with 300 plus clients around the world providing website, app and designs. I was able to provide in-depth analysis and feedback for each project I took on. I was also able to work with a team of developers to ensure that each project was completed to the highest standard. My work was recognised by many of my clients and I was able to build up a strong reputation in the industry. And also I am so grateful that my work is being featured in 1000+ top platforms around the world like Business Insider, ABP News, Yahoo, India Today, NDTV, Make us of etc.

#YEAR 2021

A Dream Come True

Setting Up a Luxurious Tech Studio.

Year 2021 was a defining year for me as I was in 8th grade and had a dream to have my own home studio. To reach this goal, I put in a lot of hard work and dedication. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I never gave up. I faced the challenges and never backed down. I faced a lot of obstacles and had to overcome them one by one.

After a years of hard work, learning and practice, I was finally able to make my dream come true and set up my home studio. It was an amazing feeling to see my dream become a reality. I was so proud of myself and my accomplishments. I am so grateful for the experience and I look forward to the future.

#YEAR 2022

From Local to International

Featured in the Industry’s Most Prestigious Outlets.

In the year 1995, Rubaitul Azad, born in the small town of Srinagar, had an amazing journey. Despite an initial setback of failing his pre-board exams, he worked his way back to success by entering the Gig Economy in Jammu & Kashmir. His work was featured in some of the most prestigious industry outlets such as Greater Kashmir, The Print, Doordarshan Kashmir, Radio Mirchi Kashmir, Rising Kashmir, Kashmir Monitor, Kashmir Reader, Zee5, ANI and over 30 other news forums. His success didn't stop there however, as he also managed to take his work to a global stage, with his designs getting featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, NDTV, Bloomberg, msn, News 18, Terra, Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, Android Police, abp news, Yahoo, Make use of, free code camp and over 100 more outlets.

In the same year, he accumulated over 10 million views on Unsplash for his 3D design and 4 million views on Pexels for his home studio pictures. It was a remarkable achievement that he was able to make a living from doing something he loves and he was both humbled and inspired by the appreciation his work received. He looks forward to continuing to use his work to make a difference in other people's lives.

#YEAR 2023 Current

Achieving the Blue Tick

Celebrating the Start of 2023 With Pride.

The start of 2023 brought me immense joy as I acquired more and more clients during the first month of the year. Additionally, my hard work was officially recognized by Facebook, who granted me the coveted blue tick verification badge on my Facebook profile. This recognition brought me even more joy and encouraged me to continue my hard work. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride, and was eager to continue my journey.

It feels surreal and I am truly humbled. I hope that my work can continue to inspire and help others, in whatever small way, to make a difference in their own lives. This was a great opportunity to learn and grow as a designer. I’m grateful for everything that I was able to achieve till 2023.