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On a mission to kickstart Gig Economy in Jammu & Kashmir

Freelancing has become an important career option nowadays. Not just the youth group are inclined towards it but the growing kid’s, old people have started pursuing their career in the field of Freelancing.

There are absolutely no entry barriers, anyone and everyone can swim and make their career in Freelancing. Gig Economy, which perhaps started from the old ancient days when a man decided to hunt and gather himself.

Well, I started my journey into Freelancing in 2012, which I’ve already shared with you beautiful people. I believe that even if you feel safe and sound today as a full-time worker, you should start thinking like a Gig Player, to assure and secure your future.

Today, unemployment has risen to the highest level, people are scared to death because of job cuts and unemployment benefits being bye passed, but the Gig Economy is lifting the employees out of fear of poverty. People launching their career in the Gig Economy has created the path for themselves to reach the higher wavelength and yes not to be forgotten, with every single opportunity comes an equal amount of challenges, barriers, troublesome things and I, Rubaitul Azad is here to help YOU to start the career as “Giggers” and the only formula is “leave the comfort zone, come out, go, explore and learn more!”

You know the best part is that there’s no age barrier in this particular field. Yes, as we all know there is always an age limit at work. People need to show their qualifications, and certifications to get the job and of course, retire after a particular time period. However, freelancing is an industry where anyone can work anywhere, no matter what they qualify with.

With this, Covid pandemic fear, so many amongst us have lost their jobs. I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the number of jobs out there. It has surely affected Freelancing too but not to that level. This work from home culture is not a new thing but yes it is somehow new to people living here in Kashmir. And if we talk about Freelancing, that’s completely working from your comfort zone. If people would understand and know the importance of Freelancing, I am sure they will do wonders.

Freelancing allows you to earn as much as you want. The earnings are entirely based on the hard work you put into your work, the time you invest and obviously the outcome you produce.

I feel that these are the primary and you know very few reasons to start your career as a GIGGER. I can assure you that freelancers are pretty much likely to hold the importance of the Gig Economy in the future. A huge thank you and good luck to everyone.