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Have you ever seen a brand without a Logo? Umm, No!? Right? That’s because Logo is the face of your Brand or whatever you are selling. We all are aware that Logo is important for the business, but the best Logo has a major impact on how your customers perceive your brand.

My friends, perfect Logo is all about- dating, where you actually try to attract customers and make them fall head over heels in love with your brand.

Bagycha- which means Garden, wonderfully owned by Mr. Abid is basically a dry fruit departmental store (Garden of dry fruits) where you will find the best quality and exotic dry fruits. You, surely will be mesmerized once you enter the store with the sight of dry fruits. So, few weeks ago, Mr. Abid contacted me via my Facebook page where he saw and analysed my work. He actually wanted me to design the best Logo for his store “Bagycha.” I was already loaded with a lot of work but I didn’t want to say no to him. I shared the proposal related to Logo designs with him and after few days, he texted me that he liked all the designs but he wanted the best for his business. I started working on the Logo, I designed five Logo’s and shared that with him. Amongst all the Logo’s that I shared, Mr. Abid liked one logo the most and wanted me to bring little change to it. Before I tell you what changes I bought to it, I will share this line with you, I read it somewhere that “Mastering the art of crafting a memorable logo doesn’t come easy and our work becomes all too precious for us.”

Umm, yeah! I used the Saffron flower in the design on the top of Bagycha’s (B) and shared the new Logo with my client again and guess what? Yes, you guessed it right 😉 he was really impressed with the Logo design and we finalised it. This beautiful Logo with a beautiful Saffron design on it will be used on the physical products of Bagycha and on the Website too.